Websites and Web apps are our most popular service, creating convenience for end-users, available on all platforms.

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Websites & Webapps

Websites and Web applications can run on all platforms that can run a web browser. It can be more convenient for the end-user preventing them from having to download an app from the app store.

At SparX Software we also provide you with a QR code that when scanned directly takes the user to your website or web app, helping people find your site at ease. As well as optimising your site for SEO.

As more and more businesses move online, having a website and web application is essential. At SparX Software we create exciting, modern designs that stand out helping to define your companies branding. This increasing brand awareness for your business.

For marketing tips and more information on what our services have to offer and mean visit our Learn More Page.

Up to 365 days/year

Want to tweak, add or edit your website thats fine. We are available 365 days a year. Confused anbout anything? Our team are available all year round to give support

Google Analytics

Analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. This tool is used to gather interesting information about your site which can help boost your business.


HTTPS is used for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet.An SSL Certificate Is a digital certificate.

email forwarding

Having an email address that matches your business name will boost your brand and make it easier for your customers to remember.

Pricing for websites and web-apps

We are a new business, looking for custom therefore our prices maybe lower than expected. For full details open the booklet.

Web App and Website Booklet

Package 1


£139 Start Up

and £14.99 a month

  • Fully Responsive
  • Modern Designs
  • Google Analytics
  • Hosted
  • Forms
  • HTTPS Secure
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Package 2

Eccommerce Website

£199 Start Up

and £21.99 a month

  • Database
  • Sell Products
  • Online Payments
  • Hosted
  • Google Analytics
  • Unique Design
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We understand that you may not be familiar with all the services included in the packages and what they can add to businesses. That’s why we have launched our Learn More campaign to help educate users on what these services can mean for business, and how our services help businesses advance and grow rapidly helping them create a larger online presence, increasing overall brand awareness. We believe education is the most important tool you can receive.

We strive to be more than just a software company; we want to offer our expertise to help build up brands and businesses. Take a look at our Learn More page for more information on how we work, how our services work and what it can mean for businesses, marketing support helping boost your online presence leading to an increase in sales.

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