SparX Business Cards and SparX Magic App

SparX Business Cards Now Available to Purchase from our online Shop. NFC enabled technology along with our groundbreaking new app coming to the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore Soon! Will allow you to Write data including Phone Numbers, Social Media Platforms, Link Tree Bios (Containing multiple forms of data) and Websites. This allows you to put this information on to a brand new NFC enabled SparX Business Card and tap it onto any modern day smart phone to transfer the data directly to their smart phone.  A notification will appear with the data that you have written to the SparX Business Card. The receiving device simply has to open the notification to save the data to their device. Use the Link Tree feature to create a profile and write more than one set of data to the card.


For example,  You want to share your business phone number with a client, instead of handing them a paper business card which could get lost. Simply write the phone number you wish to share using the Write Phone Number feature on the SparX Magic App, tapping the phone to the card storing that information to it. You will see a Tick on the App saying success if the data has been added to the card correctly. You can now tap that card on any modern smartphone and the number will appear at the top, they then can simply tap the notification and save you as a contact.


Example 2. You want to share and grow your instagram page. Simply use the Write to Instagram feature on the SparX Magic App, Storing the data to the SparX business card. Simply tap that card on any modern smart phone, a notification will display, open it and your instagram page is opened instantly.


This is a great new modern way to grow your social media platforms, exchange data simply and easily.


No More Paper Business Cards. Get The SparX Digital Business Card. Tap and Go. The Fast Transfer of Data.


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