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Our Learn More Campaign launched in 2020 educates and informs users of what our services mean for businesses.

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All the different services we offer may be confusing to understand. That’s why we launched our Learn More campaign to help educate our clients on what these services mean for them and their businesses. We want to help and contribute to new independent businesses as much as possible as these provide exciting unique products. Since then, it has become a larger platform for learning, supporting businesses and offering our expert advice on marketing and online presence.

Take a look at our different learn more slides for information on our products.

We have a presentations on brand awareness, creating a larger online presence and marketing all coming soon to this platform to ensure you return to check it all out.

Our Learn More Campaign launched in 2020. We understand that you may not be familiar with all the services included in the packages and what they can add to businesses. That’s why we have launched our Learn More campaign to help educate users on what these services can mean for business, and how our services help businesses advance and grow rapidly helping them create a larger online presence, increasing overall brand awareness. We believe education is the most important tool you can receive. That's why we aim to provide alot of it.

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Sparx dashboard

The SparX Dashboard is easy to use and manages the backend of your application. You will be given a login, where you can add, edit and delete products as well as set product variables and categories. Set up payment methods including Stripe (Card Payment), PayPal, Apple pay and more. Manage shipping and shipping prices to different areas and manage and update incoming orders. Worried you'll find this difficult don't worry we'll be with you every step of the way providng further instructions and tips if you come stuck.

On the SparX dashboard you can also manage contact forms, manage image carousels, add content and wording to sections of the site. However, we may need to change somethings for you at code level, which we will have no problem doing as we are available 365 days a year to support and update your site, we keep in regular contact with our clients publishing any upcoming and useful advice and presentations.

SparX Dashboard

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Interested in futuristic and recent technologies? Take a look as SparX Software investigates and analyses a range of different systems, the impact of technology on our health as well as helpful tips and information on how to boost your business, from helpful guides and design principles.

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    How we work

    We design, host and manage your applications, taking all the stress from you to create beautifully designed software.

    Front-End development
    We professionally design your applications specifically to your business making it unique and exciting. We then implement these designs using HyperText Markup Langauge (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. HTML provides the structure and is for adding the raw content by marking it up. HTML is assisted by CSS which is for formatting and styling that content implemented in HTML. We implement our CSS using SASS. SASS is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language. We also add JavaScript files which make your application responsive.

    We then convert the HTML files to PHP a hypertext pre-processor that is a general-purpose scripting language. We do this so that we can connect the site up to the SparX Dashboard where you can manage parts of the sites content. However, some changes may need to be made at code level. However, this isn’t a worry as you can request a change anytime of the year and we’ll handle it.

    Professionally designed, created, robust and secure websites can take up to a month to complete. But trust us it’s worth waiting for. These professionally designed applications can boost your business by defining your brand and creating a larger presence online. Our SEO optimisation makes it easier for you to be found on Google. We can provide further tips and guidance on how to get found more easily online.

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