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At SparX Software Labs we look at new exciting technologies and software which could help improve society and businesses.

As our world changes, we are quick to respond to new requirements that surround us. COVID-19 has created a new landscape. SparX Software has responded to these changes and has engineered a new solution that addresses the needs of any facility manager.

Creating a safe environment is at the top of everyone’s mind as we prepare to open facilities again. Measures must be taken to protect those going back to work; to help keep them and their families free from harm.

A basic provision is to compel customers and/or visitors to wear face masks and the accompanying obligation to check for customer/visitor compliance.

To help with the countries effort to combat COVID-19 SparX Software has developed a mask detection system. We have created 2 systems where you can monitor and automatically instruct people approaching your business to wear a face mask in real time.

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